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Institutional Development

The ultimate objective of all development efforts is the ability to sustain an improved process or situation. Whether the results of these efforts are effective in the long run depends to a large extent on the existence of institutions that are able to operate, maintain, duplicate and expand the initial efforts. Whatever the nature of the programme, and whatever the policy and socioeconomic environment within which it is delivered, there is no substitute for a strong, well conceived institutional framework for successful delivery.

PANAFCON’s approach to institutional development includes:
1.The development of clear institutional policies which direct the formulation of objectives and strategies;
2.The design of administrative, personnel, financial and information systems and procedures that support institutional objectives and are suitable fordecision making;
3.The establishment of practical organizational structures with clear roles for efficient management of financial,human and material resources.

PANAFCON also carries out detailed organisational audits for and with its clients.

Our institutional development expertise is not restricted to any particular type of enterprise or project. Our consultants assist institutions of all sizes in all sectors – public as well as private – in making adjustments and enabling staff to adapt to new procedures and techniques.