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Human Resource Development

Human resource development effort is concerned with the provision of manpower of an acceptable standard to meet the needs of a particular sector, organization, enterprise or project. In Panafcon’s approach, human resource development is more than an organizational and training exercise. The transfer of knowledge and skills is a process that takes place at all levels, from management to line staff and eventually to the ultimate beneficiaries.

Whether it is training public sector officials how to deal with the planning, financing, implementation, and control of public investments, or training village women techniques such as harvest conservation, marketing, and production, the ultimate objectives of PANAFCON’s human resource and institutional development efforts are:

  1. To build up and strengthen our clients institutional capacity; and
  2. To make our client self-reliant by giving them the tools to carry on managing the process.

At PANAFCON, we recognize that people are the agents of development, and no development will be sustained unless the people involved are adequately prepared, motivated, and given ample opportunity to participate in the determination of its goals and priorities. Technical problems cannot be treated in isolation, and the development of resources and application of technology depends on human factors.