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Environmental | Natural Resource Development

The complex, interrelated issues in natural resources management demand an integrated approach drawing on a multidisciplinary range of expertise. The premise of PANAFCON’s approach to natural resources management is that only careful planning and management can safeguard nature and its dwindling resources and protect the benefits for present and future generations.  Effective measures to preserve natural ecosystems and their biological diversity take full account of the socio-economic interest of the people who depend on these systems for their livelihood. PANAFCON’s expertise in natural resources management includes the management of parks and reserves, nature conservation and eco-tourism, land use planning, land evaluation, water resource management, the study of biodiversity and natural ecosystems, and pollution control. The ecological framework sets the potential and constraints to the sustainable use of river basins and coastal zones. Our approach is therefore to establish effective management systems based on long-term environmental planning. In every case, we endeavor to safeguard the interests of the various user groups. Their support is essential in achieving development and management objectives.

Planning decisions in natural resources management depend on up-to-date reliable and accurate information about the actual and potential use of resources and on-going processes of change. The well-structured supply of this information is essential for efficient planning. PANAFCON’s expertise in this field includes the development of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, environmental impact assessment, environmental cost-benefit analysis, legislation, and institutional aspects. Panafcon has developed an environmental services portfolio, which is an integrated programme designed to meet the environmental management needs of diverse clientele and development projects. The aim is to assist the industry by offering an integrated environmental management service package. This includes Biodiversity Assessment & Management Plans, Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA), Environmental Audit (EA), Environmental Risk Assessments (ERA), Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and Product Line Integrity Testing and Leak Detection, Soil and Groundwater/Hydrogeological Assessment & Remediation, Environmental Management Services (EMS) and Health & Safety Plans/Training among others.

Panafcon Ltd is registered with the National Environmental Management Agency/Authority (NEMA) both in Kenya and Uganda as an Environmental Firm of Experts.