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Underground Utilities/Tank Integrity Testing

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Project Details

Name:      Environmental Risk Assessment/ Tank & Product Line Integrity Testing
Country: Zimbabwe
Client:      Lot3 – Total Zim (101no) & Other Independent Providers (46no); Lot2 – BP & Shell Zim (107no) and Lot1 – Mobil Zim (10no).
Period:    Lot3 (2009-2010); Lot2 (2006-2008) and Lot1 (2005)
Partner:   Aviation Refueling Equipment PLC (Fueltec), Harare, Zimbabwe

Project Description

Lot3: In order to evaluate and establish the integrity of its fuel storage facilities prior to any divestiture, TOTAL Zimbabwe decided that as part of its commitment to health, safety, environmental protection, and the technical/operational integrity of its facilities, Tank and Product Line Testing needed to be carried out.
Panafcon was therefore engaged by TOTAL to carry out the exercise of Environmental Risk Assessment and testing for leakage and establish the integrity of the USTs and Product Lines at the selected service stations all over the Country.
Panafcon carried out the Tank and Product Line Integrity Testing using the EZY 3 Locator Plus, which is US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Third-Party approved, non-volumetric tank, and product line integrity testing equipment. Similar assessment and testing were also carried for other clients e.g. CMED, SAKUNDA ENERGY, and DELTA CORP.

Similary, Lot1 & 2 were carried out for Mobil Zimbabwe (10sites) in 2005 and BP & Shell Zimbabwe (107sites) in 2006-2008 respectively. These fuel storage facilities included retail, commercial and depot sites distributed all over the Country.