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RAP for Irrigation Dev Project

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Project Details

Name: Preparation of a Resettlement Action Plan
for the proposed Lower Nzoia Irrigation Development
Project (LNIDP) – Phase I

Country: Kenya

Client: Ministry of Environment, Water & Natural
Resources (MEWNR)/National Irrigation Board (NIB)/World Bank

Period: 2015

Partner: None

Project Description

The Lower Nzoia Irrigation Project (LNIP) – I is approved investment under the Kenya Water Security and Climate Resilience Program – I (KWSCRP I). During the project preparation phase of the KWSCRP, a Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) guiding the whole resettlement process under KWSCRP was prepared and disclosed on 10th February 2013. A preliminary RAP for LNIP1 was also prepared since investments
under LNIP1 would trigger the OP 4.12. Since the revised detailed design undertaken by Lehmayer International Consultants was carried after the preliminary RAP, initial findings from this detailed design indicated that additional people that were not previously captured in the preliminary RAP would be affected and those who may have been captured as affected may not necessarily be affected. As a result, there
was a need for the validation and updating of the preliminary Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for LNIP-1. This RAP Study was therefore intended to validate and update the Preliminary RAP that was carried out in 2013.

The specific objectives of this RAP Study were to: Identify the area where the irrigation canals, drains and other related infrastructure including roads would be located following the revised design by Lehmayer International Consultants and Quadrant Consulting Engineers, Determine the land parcels that will be taken up; Identify the PAPs by the type of loss and extent of damage, Consult with potential PAPs to ensure free prior and informed flow of information on the project and its impacts; Categorize entitled persons (EPs) according to the eligibility criteria of the resettlement & rehabilitation (R&R) policy of the project, Identify vulnerable persons including widows, orphans, physically challenged and the elderly among others. Work out entitlements for each EP, and set out the legal and institutional frameworks for implementation of the RAP as well as Budgets and Timelines. Prepare a Legal Redress Mechanism to address any grievances that may arise.