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Engineering Design of Water Supply System

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Project Details

Name:     EU Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Reform Programme (WSSSRP) Phase III – Water Supply Works in Adamawa State (Lot 2): Detailed Design of Water Supply Works in Adamawa State, Nigeria
Country: Federal Republic of Nigeria
Client:     Ministry of Water Resources / MP Infrastructure Ltd / European Union
Date:        2017 – 2018
Partner:  JOAT Consulting (Pty) Ltd, Durban, Republic of South Africa

Project Description

The Ministry of Water Resources, Nigeria carried out a preliminary design of the water supply systems of Gella (LGA Mubi South) whose aim was threefold:

  • Defining the water demand and the main features of the future system;
  • Defining the minimum requirements in sense of capacities to be created;
  • Giving a guidance to the Contractors for a reasonable cost assessment.

Based on the findings of the preliminary report, the water supply system for Gella Town was conceived that would supply water to the residents of the town. The various components of the water supply system were identified and preliminary design carried out that facilitated tendering of the construction of the construction works. However, the contractor was required to first carry out a detailed study before implementation of the
approved results. This detailed study was to be based on the outputs of an uncalibrated hydraulic model that was to be developed using an appropriate software.
The preliminary design fixed the following key parameters that were to be used in the detailed study without modifications:

  • Population figures as provided in the preliminary design;
  • Water Demand (average daily, peak daily, peak hourly) and Non-Revenue Water;
  • Number of boreholes;
  • Storage Volume;
  • Maximum pipe diameter of the primary distribution network (this means that the maximum diameter of the primary distribution network of the model shall not exceed the one  of the preliminary design.

The development of the model took into account the above aspects and ensured that the results meet the requirements set. This model was developed using Water Distribution Analysis and Design Software (WaterCAD) that formed the basis for the detailed design. The detailed design report was prepared is in
two volumes, where Vol A presents the Design Report and the Bill of Quantities with key outputs of the hydraulic model presented in the annexes. Vol B is the Book of Drawings presenting the Pipeline Profiles and Drawings of the proposed Structures for construction.