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Electrical Post Investment Review (EPIR)


Project Details

Name:     The Eastern Africa Inter Connector
Project:   ESIA of Proposed Gibe III Hydroelectric Power Project: Downstream of Gibe III: Kenyan Perspective
Date:         2010 – 2012
Country:  Kenya & Ethiopia
Client:       Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (KETRACO) / World Bank and Ethiopia Electric Power Corporation
Partner:   None

Project Description

The purpose of the Electrical Post Investment Review (EPIR) was to evaluate and provide further assurance that the electrical remedial works carried out in six (6) (3No High and 3No Medium Risk) sites; namely, Uhuru Highway S/S, New Jogoo Road S/S and Vic Preston S/S all in Nairobi and Ongata Rongai S/S, Machakos S/S and Naivasha S/S in 2010 & 2011, are in full compliance with Existing Consultant’s investigation report and upgrade recommendations, Shell Electrical Standards and Local Relevant Standards / British Standards / IEC Standards and ALL other applicable codes and regulations in the country of Audit i.e. Kenya.

The scope of work included but not limited to the following: 

  • Physical investigation of selected upgraded 6 sites in Kenya;
  • Provide detailed evaluation Report to Shell indicating the level of compliance to the above-mentioned documents, the current Risk assessment of each site and the recommendations for a further upgrade if any;
  • Final reports including all detailed drawings and calculations and where computer results were used, a full description of the computer program used, its input and assumptions made were included;
  • All reports, calculations, and associated drawings were signed by a registered Professional Engineer (of electrical discipline).